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3 Surprising Perks You’ll Experience when You Move into an Exclusive Neighborhood
October 15, 2020

3 Surprising Perks You’ll Experience when You Move into an Exclusive Neighborhood

The dream house isn’t complete without the dream neighborhood. When it comes to living aspirations, the ultimate one would probably be a beautiful home in an exclusive community. At a glance, a prized location grants two valuable perks: an enviable address you can be proud of and a safe location where you can have peace of mind.

But why stop there when you can get the most of the location? You can already boast of an enviable address and a safe location, but choose your neighborhood wisely and you’ll also get the following additional perks:

Like-Minded Neighbors

The best thing about exclusive neighborhoods is the neighbors themselves. Your dream location can foster a close-knit community strengthened by shared goals and lifestyles.

For instance, at M Residences, you may meet business-oriented and family-centric people, just like you. You can expect moms who want nothing but the best for their kids living in this sophisticatedly-manicured community. You can see young couples aspiring to get their business off the ground. There might even be up-and-coming entrepreneurs next door. Imagine living next to these like-minded people: you’ll never have enough investment talks over beer and barbecue or baking sessions at the kitchen.

What’s even more promising about exclusive neighborhoods is that there are regular activities for the residents, where they can meet each other and develop lasting friendships. Often, homeowners associations are actively involved in organizing events, so you’ll never run out of opportunities to meet neighbors. If you do decide to move into a gated community, make it a priority to attend such activities. Interact with people. Find common ground to make the most of your location.



Lifestyle-Oriented Freedom

M Residences offers customizable houses, allowing you the freedom to live in a home that fits your unique lifestyle. Outside of your home, the community itself extends this freedom through its amenities.

In the master plan of M Residences, there are lots of facilities to look forward to. Not one, not two, not even three, but four swimming pools are at the clubhouse, making it perfect for Saturdays spent with your friends or family. There are two lap pools and two kiddie pools. There are also two multi-purpose halls, which can host large gatherings for your social circle or family reunions. Of course, there are sports and wellness facilities, like the basketball court and gym, perfect for your active lifestyle. There’s also a game room, a theater room, and a barbecue area as part of their shared amenities. Whether you want to host your own parties at home or in the clubhouse, you can live the life you want in M Residences.

The Best of Both Worlds

Exclusive communities are carefully designed not only for the living comfort of residents but also for their interpersonal needs. If you look closely, there’s always a mix of amenities designed for plugging in with the community and tuning out the world. While basketball courts and multi-purpose halls in M Residences are for play and interactions, the open, green spaces provide a relaxing backdrop for people who want to relish the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. The spa rooms and gazebos also provide retreat, a much-needed me-time for residents after a long, hard day.

Notice the locations of exclusive neighborhoods as well. Most of them are at the heart of a busy city, yet when you go inside their premises, you hardly hear the noise of the metro, thanks to tree-lined roads. It’s like being in the city, but being away from it at the same time. Essentially, when you live in a gated village, you’re getting the perfect balance of socializing and disconnecting. As dwellers would put it: the best of both worlds.

An exclusive community is definitely the dream neighborhood. Apart from getting a prized and safe location, you get all these hidden perks in the package. So if you’re looking for your next home, check out the community, too. Ask yourself, do your neighbors share the same lifestyle as you? Does the community offer freedom to live? Can you easily connect and disconnect with people? Perhaps it’s time to consider moving into an exclusive neighborhood.


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