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Getting to Know You: The Unexpected Benefits of Spending More Time with the Family
October 15, 2020

Getting to Know You: The Unexpected Benefits of Spending More Time with the Family

Life at home changed along with everything else around the world, and this change uncovered new ways to strengthen your relationships. Staples in your morning routine, such as driving to work and buying pastries before going home, had to be bumped in favor of Zoom meetings with family, friends, and colleagues. Instead of going to work every day, you get to see your children learn new lessons at home.

If bonding with the spouse and kids seemed to be difficult back when you had back-to-back meetings and work trips, and the children had jam-packed activities at school, now, you have time to focus on what truly matters: your family. Your rule of having dinner together as a family now applies to all meals, and you see each other at all hours of the day.

With this as the new normal, let’s look at the time you spend at home and see how they showed opportunities to grow closer as a family:

You Grew More Appreciative of Your Home

Many families have used their kitchen more in the past months than they did in the last years since they moved into their home. Perhaps, you yourself have developed a family routine around it already: your teen children getting busy preparing breakfast in the morning, your wife doing a live baking tutorial in the afternoon, and then unwinding over wine in the evening before going to bed. There’s greater appreciation for the home, for how simple spaces can bring the family together.

If the lockdown has made you reconsider your residential space, feeling like you need a much bigger home, consider M Residences, a luxury community in Metro Manila that offers large cuts of houses and lots. One of its model houses, Aerin, has a total living area of 349 square meters, featuring seven bedrooms and four carports. In this home, you can turn such rooms into family bonding spaces, a home theater, gym, or library. With an open plan concept, you have a home that looks and feels more spacious.

You Learned More About Your Spouse and Children

Spending more time with your family, you get to rediscover certain things about them. From morning rituals to bathroom quirks down to favorite Harry Potter movies, you notice and learn deeply personal stuff. These characteristics have probably been there all along, prior to the pandemic, but with life slowing down for now, you’re able to pay attention to them.

Knowing these things, you can relate better to your kids and spouse, and love them in a way that makes a difference in their life. Show love by considering each family members’ unique persona when weighing residential options. In M Residences, homes are customizable. Victor Consunji Development Corporation is the developer behind the project, so you can count on a design and build that’s personalized to your liking.

You Started New Hobbies for Home- and Self-Improvement

There’s more room for introspection now, and this has inspired many to focus on bettering themselves. They want to come out of the quarantine with new knowledge, skills, and talents. Perhaps you’ve picked up painting or writing while staying at home. Your teen kids may have gotten busy on their fitness goals, while your spouse preoccupied herself with learning Korean, inspired by the K-dramas she binge-watched. What’s great about self-improvement happening at home is that you get to share your learnings with the family over the dinner table or while hanging out in the backyard.

For many, self-improvement extended to the home itself, sprucing up the garden, designing the bedroom interiors, or planning a kitchen remodel. If you wish to have a home that promotes your interests, find one with various amenities, from large living spaces to roof decks and easily customizable rooms. With M Residences, you can pursue your lifestyle preferences. With its aesthetics, boasting of high ceilings, large windows, and modern architecture, you’ll feel more inspired.

Amid all the changes, there’s one important thing to be grateful for: more family time. With more time spent at home, you get to know your family and make sure your home is comfortable and accommodating for everyone’s needs. Take this time to repair any rifts, strengthen family bonds, and be a family that enables each member to grow and pursue their passions.


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