Homes that give you what you need…and more

M Residences presents an inspired collection of meticulously designed urban retreats that provide all the comforts you need to transform a house into a family home. Situated in ideal addresses across the city, our multi-story houses enjoy excellent accessibility, and provide more conveniences without your having to compromise your time, finances and peace of mind.

The Houses

Three different models offer fully customizable interiors that fit the way you live, and flexible configurations built for for today and ready for the future.

  • Aerin

    An architectural masterpiece that perfectly blends classic style and modern livability, the Aerin provides buyers with the potential for personalization and flexibility.

    Starts at:
    14 Million

    Learn more about Aerin:

    Mahogany Place III Mowelfund

    Standard Aerin House Specifications

    • Lot Area 75 sqm
    • Covered Area 85 sqm
    • External Floor Area 0 sqm
    • Total Living Area 110 sqm
  • Elise

    Perfect for you and your growing family, the Elise Statehouse offers ample space for entertaining, relaxing and living your best life possible.

    Starts at:
    22 Million

    Learn more about Elise:

    Mahogany Place III Mowelfund

    Standard Elise House Specifications

    • Lot Area 105 sqm
    • Covered Area 139 sqm
    • External Floor Area 12 sqm
    • Total Living Area 206 sqm
  • Kiara

    Bringing together the very best in comfort, design and quality, this is the home you envisioned for your family, today and tomorrow. With the Kiara, it is possible to have it all.

    Starts at:
    25 Million

    Learn more about Kiara:

    Mahogany Place III

    Standard Kiara House Specifications

    • Lot Area 120 sqm
    • Covered Area 153 sqm
    • External Floor Area 21 sqm
    • Total Living Area 220 sqm