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Coping with Coronavirus Crisis: An At-Home, Healthy Routine from Morning to Night
October 15, 2020

Coping with Coronavirus Crisis: An At-Home, Healthy Routine from Morning to Night

In many ways, the coronavirus crisis has affected people’s normal routines. In one sweep, there were no more office work, Friday nights out, or even some downtime at the supermarket. While the number one piece of advice is to stay healthy during this time, it feels like such a tough job to do. The new normal means being cooped up at home, which increases feelings of anxiety and isolation. Without realizing it, you stress eat, sleep late, and scroll through your social media timeline uncontrollably, fearing that the pandemic will grow worse.

It’s a real challenge to have a healthy lifestyle during this lockdown, but it’s possible. The first step is committing to it, finding ways to get your mind and body active at home. This is what dwellers in M Residences, a quiet community developed by Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC), have been doing, maximizing the amenities their home offers.

One key to making healthy, active living happen is setting a schedule of activities. With this, you won’t forget what you need to do, plus, you’ll create a sense of normalcy in the quarantine life. Here’s a simple schedule you can follow:


Morning: Prepare Healthy Meals for the Day

Ironically, even with more time on our hands, people tend to settle for unhealthy meals during the quarantine. It’s tempting to settle for fast food delivery when you’re at home. It’s a quick fix for a hungry stomach. You get to go back to work or your favorite television show. But again, it’s not good for your health.

A better fix for this is to make it easy for you and your family to grab healthy bites. Early in the morning, plan your healthy menu for the day or the next days, if possible. Cook them in advance, so you can just reach for them in the fridge when you go hungry. Make prepping fun. Involve your kids and spouse in preparing the meals. If you have an open-plan kitchen, like those at M Residences houses, you can easily create a Master-Chef-like scene at your home.

Include in your healthy menu the Bakery Style Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies of VCDC Resident Expert Suzette Bernardo-Namoco. It’s a low-calorie, no-sugar treat your kids and your partner won’t be able to resist.


Afternoon: Find a Creative Outlet

You want to be physically healthy, but don’t stop there. You should also take care of your emotional well-being. It won’t be good to bottle up emotions. Anxiety, sadness, and anger are strong emotions that can be directed to productive or creative activities. That should be your game plan whenever you feel overwhelmed with emotions.

Make it a habit to decompress every afternoon by picking up a new hobby or learning a skill. For instance, master styling and decorating tables at home. Get some tips from another VCDC resident expert, highly respected event stylist Jo Claravall. Or, if you’re into some personal styling, learn how to cut and color your hair the right way from no less than Jing Monis.

Of course, there’s also the option of trying out a new workout routine. Find a good space at your home that will help you be motivated. Dwellers at M Residences who had their homes customized to have a gym at the rooftop surely have an amazing view, which can also help in their sweat sessions.

This creative outlet is most important when you’re working from home. You’ll quickly experience burnout when it’s all work and no play. If you’re having trouble concentrating with this work-from-home setup, take tips from the one who mastered it already: DJ Joey Santos, another VCDC resident expert. Use his Spotify playlist to get you in the zone.

Evening: Connect and Disconnect

It’s equally important to protect your social and mental health. In the evening, it’s likely that your other relatives and friends are done working for the day. Reach out to them through chat apps or video conferences. Perhaps you could schedule a regular time, say, once a week, to have a game night over at Zoom or Skype. Play the classic charades or ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Whatever you do, connect with your social circles.

On the flip side, it’s important to disconnect as well. Spend some alone time, reflecting on what you’ve been thinking the past days. Write down your thoughts in a journal so you can better process them. Find a quiet corner in your home. For M Residences homeowners, this could be the balcony or the garden. With just the sight of the open sky, you’ll be in a better mood for meditation.

You should also disconnect from the news and social media. Being bombarded by news of deaths won’t be good for your mental health. It certainly won’t give you a good sleep either. After your meditation session, avoid going through your online accounts as you hit the sack.

Look out for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being during this pandemic. Make the best use of your home in keeping your overall health intact. If you plan to move after all this is over, consider M Residences and find a home ready for a crisis.


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