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Home Design Decisions You Never Realized Were Influenced by Your Mom
October 15, 2020

Home Design Decisions You Never Realized Were Influenced by Your Mom

It’s an understatement to say that moms have influenced our home life in many profound ways. From when we were little, she always made sure that our bed sheets were clean, our school uniforms were well-ironed, and our stomachs were never hungry. Even now as an adult, you long to come home during the weekends, your own kids in tow, knowing that her special beef salpicao will be served. What we rarely realize is that her influence extends beyond the way of life at home. It also lies in the very home she built.

You’ve probably realized this now, as you’re in your own place during this quarantine period, thinking of going on a home decorating spree. New homeowners at M Residences, a quiet, laid-back community in Quezon City and Taguig, have likewise gotten the decorating itch while staying in.

Let’s take a look at some of the home design ideas you never realized were influenced by your mom:

Open, Airy Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It has a certain pull on people, making everyone huddle together in it. For this reason, it has taken on different roles, beyond being a meal prep area: a conversation lounge for friends coming over, a laptop corner when paying the bills and checking emails, a classroom for kids doing their homework, and even a relaxation pad for those nights you want to be alone with a glass of wine.

There’s no one in the family that understands the heart of the home better than moms. She knows it’s where her beloved are happy and free. That’s why she’s the biggest fan of open, airy kitchens. She has always made sure that there’s room for everyone, and each one is comfortable.

In M Residences units, open-plan areas are a default feature. Homeowners can easily add in plenty of seating, from stools or bar-style chairs over at the kitchen island, to corner benches for the breakfast nook, down to the traditional seats for the dining room. Given this, you can make your own kitchen as comfortable as your mom’s.

Photo Walls

One staple you’ll find in family homes is the gallery of photos, whether that’s in the living room, the corridor going to the parents’ bedroom, or the stairway. You know what the typical photos are: children in their graduation togas, spouses on their wedding day, the entire family on a vacation abroad. Who spends a considerable amount of time having these pictures printed and framed? Moms.

Your mom has probably dedicated a day or a week putting up the photo wall. You may have joined in at one point, with her telling you how proud she was when you got your diploma. Take what you’ve learned from her and start building your own photo wall. In M Residences units, homeowners are treated to an abundance of negative space. For sure, homeowners will find a good corner for their mini picture gallery. A pro tip when doing this project: vary the sizes and colors of the frames to give the entire look a better visual appeal.

Themed Rooms

Remember when you were a kid and you had lots of cars and spaceships in your room? As you grew older, your space started to have darker colors, with perhaps a guitar or your bike on stand by. You probably didn’t realize it at the time, but it was your mom who helped you transform your personal space. The room grew with you because she made sure that it will be a safe space for you through and through.

In the same manner, take a look at your children’s bedrooms. Do they love to be in their personal space? Do they enjoy spending time in it? As you take on this decorating project during this quarantine, plan how you can make their rooms a lot more personalized for their age and interests. M Residences units usually have three to five bedrooms, and yes, it may be a lot to tackle, but with one space at a time, you can make this a success.

Aesthetic Corners

Moms have the keenest eye for style, that even small corners in the house are not forgotten. She has a sleek storage space under the stairs. The space above the kitchen cabinets is an open shelf, displaying her most beautiful teacups. The entrance to her home is a welcoming space, complete with pieces of art.

If there’s one home design principle to get from this, that’s to never leave a corner unstyled. No matter how small it is, make the most of it. For M Residences unit owners, your balcony, for one, is a good corner to spruce things up. Add some greenery or a couple of floor pillows to make it cozier. This way, quiet stargazing sessions with your spouse will be a lot more relaxing. You may not have realized it before, but a lot of your home design ideas come from your mom’s sensibilities — her nurturing, family-oriented character. Embrace her simple principles and channel it in your own space to make your house truly a home.


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