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Summer is Here: 3 Family Activities to Include in Your Plans
October 15, 2020

Summer is Here: 3 Family Activities to Include in Your Plans

Oh, summer — the season where everything’s just bright, light, and carefree. With the sun as the backdrop, you get to spend lots of time with the kids who are on a break from school, while listing all the ways to beat the heat and go out of town.

While you probably have a ton of fun family activities lined up in your bucket list, from camping trips to beach getaways, it’s always nice to start the fun at home or at your neighborhood before heading out of town and basking in summer’s happy sunshine.

In M Residences, a community of high-end houses, summer is definitely cooler as residents can easily get into the sunny holiday spirit even before slipping on their swimsuits and flip flops. Here’s how you can embrace the same mood and make your summer the best ever:

Spruce Up Your Home

This season is the perfect time to start on your home improvement plans. With fewer chances of rain, there’s less disruption in renovation work, and you’ll be finished in no time.

One of the common projects people do during summer is replacement of windows to make them more energy-efficient. You don’t want your cooling systems to work doubly hard during the hottest season of the year and get damaged in the process, do you? Consider replacing your windows, perhaps switching to bigger ones, to maximize that natural light. Take inspiration from the floor-to-ceiling windows of model houses in M Residences.

Aside from windows, take note of outdoor areas, too. Power wash walkways. Clean up your yard. And while you’re at it, think of adding amenities, such as a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, or a conversation-lounge area around a firepit. If you plan to move into a new home this summer, consider the M Residences neighborhood, which lets you envision a place with enough space for these amenities.

Sort Out Vacation Details

The fun starts right at your own home. Take the stress out of planning itineraries and accommodations in your vacation by getting your kids involved. Ask them what they want to see or where they want to stay. Or, let them look up the location you’re visiting to get them excited. Show them pictures of your adventure activities in Boracay, from banana boat rides to paragliding to island hopping. Help them in packing their swimsuits and sunscreens. Do a countdown as the vacation day nears.

Before you hop on the car or board the plane, check the details of your trip one last time to make sure everything’s covered. You don’t want to arrive at your hotel and realize that your reservation wasn’t confirmed, right?

While sorting out plans, don’t forget the home you’re leaving for a couple of days. Your security alarms should be activated. Aside from that, the village management should be on high alert. In M Residences, dwellers can rest assured with 24/7 security. There are guards patrolling streets every now and then, and there are officers stationed at entry points. If you’re looking for a community that has top-notch security, consider moving into this gated subdivision.

Gather Everyone and Socialize

Your summer activities can involve more people. Summer is the time to bond with relatives and friends you probably missed seeing during the yuletide season. With your home renovated and beautified, welcome loved ones into your abode. Host a barbecue party at your yard or an intimate dinner at your alfresco area, wrapping it up with s’mores around the firepit.

Take advantage of your village’s facilities, too. In M Residences, you can host a big family reunion at the clubhouse’s function room or organize a party at the pool area. If your friends are into competitive sports, use the basketball court for a mini sports fest. Even at home, you can reconnect with your social circles and strengthen those relationships. Summer is definitely here. Before heading out to the beach and building sandcastles with your kids, get started on the fun right at home. Create memories that will last and, in M Residences, you can perhaps make a summer that never ends.


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