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7 Classic Films Worth A Lazy Day At Home
August 27, 2019

7 Classic Films Worth A Lazy Day At Home

Sometimes, you just wanna stay in and watch a movie.

Maybe it’s raining. Maybe you’re worn out fixing the yard all day. Maybe it’s the perfect night to go drinking with your friends – except you’ve given up drinking and your friends are all married with kids, like you.

Stay in. Put on a movie. But not just any movie. Go back to your childhood. Re-watch a classic. Relive the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, or whatever glorious decade you grew up in. Because let’s face it folks, nothing beats nostalgia. And in a world that often seems too fast, too modern, and too fast-forward, it’s good to rewind to the good ol’ days of classic film.

The Thing


Put away your Anabelle doll, store away your Saw. Before the jarring jolts of new millennium shock and gore, there was John Carpenter’s The Thing, an unsettling horror flick set in the Antarctic about an alien life form that really gets under your skin. Literally. Featuring an ensemble cast led by the superb Kurt Russell, top-notch practical effects that wow to this day, and a dog who probably deserves an Oscar, this film is moody, atmospheric, and truly terrifying.

The Godfather


It’s said that when Marlon Brando auditioned for the role of Don Coreleone, he stuffed his cheeks with cotton wool to give his jowls a more bulldog likeness. Any wonder why he shines in the role? And Al Pacino as Michael Corleone – his brutal mob ascendancy is absorbing to watch, a performance that’s provided him with a lifetime of badass cred. The Godfather may never once mention the word “mafia” but it’s definitely the greatest mafia film of all time.

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Intrepid archeologist Indiana Jones battles Nazi’s, snakes, and bad dates to find the lost Ark of the Covenant. The tight story (Hitler wants occult power), charming hero (“I’m making this up as I go along!”), central item (the lost Ark where Moses placed the 10 commandments), and imaginative action sequences, make for a truly fun ride. The climax is famed for its spectacle and makes for a pretty powerful theological statement too.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly


Clint Eastwood’s dashing and mysterious gunslinger makes a living capturing and turning in wanted criminals, cashing in on the bounty, then saving the outlaw (just as he’s about to be hung) and venturing to the next town for repeat business. But then the prospect of buried gold and untold fortune lead him and his criminal “sidekick” Tuco on a different adventure. The bullets zing, the stirrups jangle, and the parched landscapes dazzle. The best of Sergio Leone’s “spaghetti” westerns.

The Sound of Music


Austria has never looked so picturesque, with postcard views and a romantic, old-world euro flavor. Enter Julie Andrews as the conflicted nun who becomes a nanny and teaches kids to sing. But can she weave the same magic over their authoritarian father? Indeed the hills are alive with the sound of music; each song is truly memorable and moving. Oh and the Von Trapps do battle with Nazis, which is always good. A timeless musical that’ll have you humming merrily when the credits roll.

Beverly Hills Cop

Action comedy

Action isn’t just physical shootouts, car chases, and Michael Bay kablooms. There’s also verbal action where snappy dialogue, witty one-liners, and jokey jousts are just as explosive. Beverly Hills Cop is all of these things, and then some. Eddie Murphy is Axl Foley, the wisecracking Detroit cop “on vacation” in LA, trying to solve the murder of his friend. Also featuring a young Mike Ehrmantraut and the creative use of a banana, this action comedy gem never grows old.

Romancing the Stone


Love, laughs, and hidden treasure. Romancing the Stone is for couples who like their love express-chase delivered through the jungles of Colombia, by a rugged Michael Douglas and a charming Kathleen Turner. If a relationship can survive wisecracks, bullets, the treacherous rainforest, and a ravenous crocodile, then so can yours. Which is not the message of Romancing the Stone, but might as well be.

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