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Less is More: Let your space breathe with Japandi
August 28, 2019

Less is More: Let your space breathe with Japandi

Have you ever roamed the aisles of Muji and thought: “Can I just live here?” It could just be the shop’s eucalyptus aroma soothing your mind. But more than likely it’s the unique, calm, and quietly organized ambiance of its interiors. That’s the art of Japandi and it’s mesmerizing people everywhere.

What is Japandi?

In a nutshell, Japandi is a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. What started out as a trend in 2017, has now become a timeless take on minimalist design. It marries form and functionality to create a rustic, modern space that exudes warmth and serenity.

The key to achieving a Japandi-inspired home is balancing the two aesthetics with the right elements.

Simple, but not plain

Part of what makes Japandi easy on the eyes is its elegant simplicity. To achieve this, it’s essential to select multi-functional furniture that keeps your space tidy, while adding textured décor to break the bland. This contrast helps maintain a light and welcoming atmosphere.


  • Consider adding Luna stone coasters or some resin and teak wood Mangkoks to spruce up your Dasar dining table.

  • The Aman petrified wood stool can double as a book nook when not in use, being both a functional yet decorative item in your space.

Keep it natural

Japandi is big on combining raw, organic elements that even out the cool tones of modern Scandinavian pieces. Natural elements like wood, linen, rattan, stones, and indoor plants are ideal to bring Zen into your home to make it sophisticated and homely.


  • Add life to your living room by pairing your sofa with textile throws, like the cotton Presco Nieve or Calma in Raffia.

  • Thinking bigger? Add a handcrafted furniture piece like the Fiel folding chair or a Buti planter in the corner of the room.

Add your personality

When it comes to color palettes, Japandi gives you the freedom to incorporate warm, dark hues that help ease the stiffness of the Scandinavian monochromatic backdrop. Give your space an identity with an accent color like muted green, navy blue, peach or plum. The best colors are what speak to you; just remember, you only need hints.


  • The Topi Oxidized brass lamp frame is more than your average lighting fixture with its eye-catching blue-green finish.

  • Have the versatility to switch up your accent color. The Ikid Luntian rattan placemats are a great way to add a hint of green to spruce up your lunch set-up.

By combining these simple design principles with your own personal touch, creating your own timeless, cozy, and stress-free Japandi-inspired home is within reach.

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