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Entertaining at Home: The Do’s of Group Dinners
October 15, 2020

Entertaining at Home: The Do’s of Group Dinners

Hosting or attending a dinner party at home is an art form in itself. With a little help, one can master entertaining at home, and the do’s of group dinners!

DO Prepare the Home

Much of planning a dinner party revolves around setting the right atmosphere–that is, the venue itself. It goes far beyond simply cleaning the place, preparing a gourmet meal and making sure the dishes and cutlery are usable. The first consideration should be the number of guests and what type of party you will hold.

Is it an intimate dinner party for two, a double date, or a backyard affair with a barbeque and pool? Preparations need to reflect the scale and type of venue. Attention to detail is required for everything, from the lighting in the living room where guests will be received, all the way to how the washroom is prepped with sweet-smelling hand soap for guests’ convenience. These small things make guests feel at ease while making the dinner party a standout in terms of comfort and luxury.

Prepping the home also entails maximizing the floor space available to provide places for guests to converge, relax and network. No one wants their guests sticking only to their dates or plus-ones all evening! Help friends loosen up by providing places to gather such as a lounge area, a grazing table, a simple charcuterie board, or even a food station. Your future home can be a second home for guests if you pick up entertaining tips from the upcoming Open House by M Residences.

DO Prepare a Variety of Drinks

You’ll have a diverse group to entertain, and you want every person to have their preferred drinks available. There are many ways to manage the alcohol situation, such as serving mocktails or having a healthy drinks bar with fresh juices. Keep an ample supply of water at home, too. As a host, you want your guests to stay hydrated throughout the night so that the group dinner will be one to remember for the good memories, not the hangover. Learn other tips on entertaining without worrying about the liquor limit at events such as the BBQ Party at M Residences’ Open House this November 16 to 17.

DO Keep Your Guests Entertained

Although the essence of many sit-down dinners is the conversation, hosts need to give more talking points for guests besides the weather! Otherwise, one risks having a rather awkward dinner party after an hour or two of lively discussion. In small or intimate house parties, you can bring out board games to encourage guests to laugh and interact further. Other hosts may, in the right company, wish to showcase their collection of art or other memorabilia related to their passions and hobbies.

Large dinner parties require a little more pizzazz to keep guests hooked. One way is to put together a party playlist. This can be comprised of smooth jazz tunes perfect for laidback conversation over drinks or coffee. Alternatively, a playlist may feature a line-up of the latest house and dance tunes that can get guests on their feet. If resources allow for it, hosts may provide guests with fun activities such as DIY stations for dessert, or a great backdrop for picture-taking.

There is no better time to pick up on these entertaining do’s than at M Residences’ Open House this November 16 and 17. This event will run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on both days, giving visitors ample time to be early birds or make a grand entrance. Guests may converge at the M Residences Clubhouse on Mahogany Place 3, Acacia Estates in Taguig.

Every dinner party needs an RSVP for headcounts. Be classy by confirming attendance with Ms. Em Calaguas at 09153145690.

What better way to learn the tricks of being a good homeowner and host than by taking part in events that exemplify the best of hosting and hospitality? Take this chance to learn all the do’s of your future entertaining lifestyle and more at M Residences’ next open house happening this weekend.




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