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Make Your Home a Work of Art
October 15, 2020

Make Your Home a Work of Art

After acquiring a home, one of the next steps is to style it! Whether by turning the home into an art gallery or using more personal aesthetics, a home can become a work of art.

Inspired by Nature

Bringing even just a little greenery into a home is one of the easiest ways to make a great impression. Many indoor plants are not fussy and can thrive with minimal care. Too busy even to water a cactus? Using décor from natural materials such as wood or with nature-themed motifs can help bring a relaxing atmosphere into a home. This décor can be as impressive as a painting of an idyllic outdoor scene, or as simple as a small indoor fountain designed to soothe with the background sounds of flowing water. Even the furniture can reflect this more naturalistic feel by favoring earth tones and green accents.

Another way to use inspiration from nature is to provide a smooth transition from the home’s interior to its environs. This can be done with large windows that maximize the view and natural light. If the view is less than ideal, you can still get a nature-inspired aesthetic through wooden blinds, curtains from natural fabrics or strings of shells and bamboo, or other window treatments. The same transition can be achieved with floor coverings such as mats or other accents. Aim for something as seamless as the marriage of the outdoors with the indoors in well-designed rooms such as those in M Residences’ Open House.

Themed Rooms

Why stop at making a room just look good, when one can go a step further with a theme? Going with a theme will definitely leave an impression on family and friends, as well as give a quick look into a homeowner’s tastes and preferences. The possibilities are endless: modern and sleek, minimalist and clean, or vintage and classic are among the crowd favorites, but it is not uncommon to go off the beaten track with themes inspired by a particular country, or pop culture reference.

There is an art to using themes, and it always helps to get some inspiration and even professional help. The excellent results of this can be seen in showcases such as the themed rooms at M Residences’ Open House. These concept homes are a great springboard for buyers who waste no time in getting the home of their dreams. Best of all, buyers can work with M Residences’ design team to personalize their home in keeping with their style.


Artwork has its place in nearly every home. In fact, if one can afford it, a great way to really make an impression is to tastefully exhibit pieces of art in every room; a painting in the living room, a sculpture nestled in the hall, or a print in the bedroom can showcase your creative acquisitions. Well-styled rooms such as those in M Residences’ Open House provide great hints for showing off art pieces to their best advantage.

It is important to pick the best artwork to suit both your taste as well as the room’s purpose. Some people like landscapes to occupy huge walls and make spaces less bleak. Others prefer the grandeur of oil on canvas.

Uniquely You

Another interesting choice is the use of framed still photographs, especially if you choose dramatic black and white poses or use creative shots of yourself or your friends. If you have a love for photography, these can be your own shots, turning your home into an exhibit of your talent.

Blown glass sculptures also serve as conversation starters and can be a great icebreaker during dinner parties. Bring nautical elements into your home by designing it with a collection of sea-inspired blown glass sculptures in shades of blue and green. If you want something more energetic to go with your active lifestyle, a combination of red and green designs will be perfect. It’s like abstract art–made 3D. Yet another styling idea that’s more muted but also elegant is the use of blown glass for flower bowls or vases. If you’re a fan of the Japanese art of kintsugi, this is a great styling idea for you.

Want a little bit of everything but worried that your house will look like a museum instead of a carefully curated work of art? That’s where mixing and matching materials come in. Framed photos and sculptures can be the perfect representation of your personality–if designed artfully and cohesively. You can even enlist a professional design team to source sculptures and other unique pieces for your home.

These style tips were what helped make M Residences’ Open House held last November 16 to 17 a success. For one weekend, the M Residences’ Clubhouse at Mahogany Place 3. Acacia Estates, Taguig was turned into a showcase of what homeowners can aspire for when designing their dream homes.  The unique hand of M Residences’ design team is just another reason to purchase its elegant homes in different developments. Ready for a home that is a work of art? Act fast, as there are limited lots available!


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