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How to Stay in, the Fun Way
October 15, 2020

How to Stay in, the Fun Way

As the old saying goes, there’s no place like home. At the core, it’s a safe sanctuary, where people long to be when they’re having a bad day or even after a nice, month-long vacation abroad. In times of crisis, home is also where people seek comfort. For sure, you’ve seen videos of groups of residents singing together on their apartments’ balconies, while appealing to everyone to stay home.

To dwellers at M Residences, tight-knit communities in Taguig and Quezon City, home is likewise incomparable to any other place. Equipped with modern luxuries, the houses give owners a pleasant, comfortable space. Here are the ways dwellers in the community can embrace ‘staying in’:

Meditating in the Garden

The model units of M Residences especially feature green spaces, where homeowners can relax and unplug from the world. This does wonders to mental health. In many studies, interaction with nature and mindfulness exercises help alleviate stress, improve moods, and increase focus and creativity — important benefits in a fast-paced world.

To boost these benefits further, go beyond meditating: get started on gardening. Weeding, pruning, planting, watering, and all the other gardening tasks take your mind off stress, putting it in productive mode instead. Again, these benefits are good for your psychological well-being. At the same time, gardening beautifies your landscape design. Every day, you wake up to a visual feast right in your own home.

Watching the Sunrise and Sunset from the Balcony

One of the genuine perks of staying in is not just having a quiet “me time,” but also catching up with your partner, without the rush of taking the kids somewhere or preparing meals. It’s the good, relaxing kind of slow-down. In M Residences townhouses, the balcony is a site of sheer relaxation. Homeowners particularly like to laze around this space with their spouses, waiting for the sunrise or the sunset,  while sipping their coffee in the morning or wine in the afternoon.

One good way to improve your sun-watching experience is to enhance the look of your balcony. Bring in some greenery. Use different kinds of planters or pots to make it a more relaxing sight. Throw in some floor pillows. If that’s not possible, perhaps a patterned rug will be a good alternative. See the designs of M Residences to get ideas on how you can better enhance the visual appeal of your balcony.

Baking with the Kids

Beyond having time with yourself or your spouse, staying at home likewise means bonding with the children. The best activities are, of course, those that are not just enjoyable, but also productive and educational. Baking is one of those ideal bonding experiences. Getting the kids on board for kitchen work, such as kneading dough and decorating cupcakes with sprinkles and nuts, is fun and insightful for them.

The good thing about M Residences townhouses is that you can have living spaces with an open floor plan layout. From the kitchen, you and your kids can do a “live baking show” for an audience (aka your spouse) who’s over at the dining room. Give one of your sessions a twist like this to get your children excited for your next one.

Planning the Next Makeover

Spending more time indoors could give one the renovation itch. You know the feeling: the urge to give everything a makeover, from bathroom tiles to kitchen countertops to even coffee table books. It’s okay to give in to these urges, as long as you plan them well. The last thing you need is a set of new bathroom tiles that don’t match the patterns on your walls, right?

That said, when you want to change something about your home, it’s good to have a vision board that will guide you through the makeover project. Collect inspirations online. Better yet, ask the designers of M Residences to assist you through and through. Indeed, there’s no place like home. There’s no other place that can make room for a genuine sense of rest, belongingness, and creativity. In M Residences, dwellers definitely enjoy these and perhaps more. Move into this community to experience what it’s like to ‘stay in’ with nothing but comfort and ease.


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