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This is Why Living Near the City is Better for Starting a Family
October 15, 2020

This is Why Living Near the City is Better for Starting a Family

Where you live matters when you’re starting a family. When you were single, you probably took the mantra “location, location, location” very seriously as you hunted for your first condo. Now that you’re searching for a home with your soon-to-be spouse, it’s more important that you find a place that can support your future family’s lifestyle. This means retreating from the center of activity to go to a place with more room for growth.

As you and your partner hunt for the ideal neighborhood to move into, consider making an investment into your future near BGC, where M Residences awaits. Here are the reasons to move into this exclusive neighborhood:

You Can Easily Plug in and Pull Away

BGC is where everything happens. From awesome stage plays and solid musical concerts to gastronomic food fests, your family can participate in so many activities and nurture long-time hobbies. Stroll around Serendra, jump from one restaurant to another at Burgos Circle, catch the latest movies at Uptown Mall, and get some creativity fix at The Mind Museum.

You’ll never run out of things to do when you’re near the center of everything–but when you do need a change in the atmosphere, there’s always the option to unplug and retreat to your home.

M Residences’ location allows you to get all that the vibrant BGC has to offer, sans the stress of being caught in the middle of it all. Situated in Taguig, only a few minutes’ drive from the financial district, the residential enclave gives that suburban feel you want to come home to after you’ve spent the day surrounded by all the activity.

You’re Reminded of Your Goals

More than a place of dynamic culture, BGC is a land of opportunities. For someone who’s just starting off in the family life, this is crucial. You want to expand your career horizons for the future of your kids.

BGC is one of the biggest, busiest business districts in the metro. You have easy access to various companies, from telecommunications and banking to consumer goods and business process outsourcing industries, and even Google and Facebook Philippines. Imagine being a part of these established companies, partnering with these huge brands. Better yet, consider laying down your business roots near these corporate giants.

What makes this successful future even better? Imagine your children waiting for you at the end of the day, excited to hear about your work achievements–and showing off their own milestones at school. As you take the drive home from BGC to your exclusive neighborhood, the laidback atmosphere that awaits at M Residences reminds you that it’s not the business success that makes your day. It’s the family you’ve successfully created with your partner, and the bright future you’re building for them.

You Make Work-Life Balance a Lived Reality

BGC is famous as the turf of companies with lofty goals and big dreams. It’s also where young professionals situate themselves to maximize their time in the city. For a single professional, being in the center of it all feels like the best strategy, but for someone planning to start a family, embracing work-life balance is more important when the life aspect involves more than one person.

By choosing a home that’s near but not quite in the city, such as M Residences, you get the time to bond with your family after work or on the weekends. M Residences even made sure to incorporate a pool in the clubhouse to bring recreation close to you. The gift of time, after all, is the most important gift you can give yourself and your family. Are you looking for a place to start and grow your family? Get the suburban lifestyle without feeling isolated. Have all the chances to unwind in BGC, but come home to a peaceful ambiance. Remember, you’re not only choosing for one now — you’ll have a growing brood sooner or later. Make the right decision today. Make it M Residences.


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