About Us

M Residences is a unique collection of luxury homes that feature modern and thoughtful architecture, spacious rooms, sustainable design, and fully customizable layouts.

Sink your roots and grow in this inspired and connected neighborhood.

City living, without the hassle

The quest for work/life balance is ferrying people towards city-based condo living where better transportation and proximity to work are supposed to make life easier. However, premium prices, dense communities, and the inflexibility of many apartments present major challenges for city dwellers.

M Residences takes a different approach. Rather than embed itself in the heart of the city, it lives on its periphery, providing residents with abundant personal space and freedom to enjoy life. All without sacrificing access to the city, so residents can experience the best of both worlds.

Quite simply,
a better way to live

M Residences’ luxury homes come in 2-5 story configurations, with ample living space, open rooftops and balconies, and the unique ability to fully customize your interior layouts.

Sophisticated and versatile architecture. Sustainable design. A safe neighborhood that’s far from the noise but close to important amenities and lifestyle centers. These are the hallmarks of M Residences.


Luxury homes, Reimagined

Solid rectangular walls encase each building, giving way to spacious, cantilevered balconies with glowing recessed lights. Desertsand wood panels provide a subtle contrast to the Mediterranean white walls, all of which are offset by large windows in strategic places, allowing natural light to penetrate deep within the home.

Inside, high ceilings and open plan layouts provide maximum space to move and be.

Forget what you think you know about houses and come see what a little imagination can do.

A Place to Grow

At M Residences, our homes are designed to grow with you, to expand based on your needs – like establishing a base to raise your family.

The community is designed to be safe, with like-minded people who share your core values.

The vision of M Residences is to be a haven for families, a neighborhood for long, enjoyable years where memories last a lifetime.

Frequently asked questions

What is M Residences?

M Residences is a unique collection of luxury homes that feature modern and thoughtful architecture, spacious rooms, sustainable design, and fully customizable layouts.

Where is M Residences located?

M Residences can currently be found in three locations:

Taguig (Mahogany III)

New Manila (Mowelfund)

Quezon City (Capital Hills)

What are the benefits of living in these locations?

Taguig: Dynamic. Modern. Commercial and business access — Bonifacio Global City.
New Manila: Charming, low-key elegance. History and art.
Quezon City: Rich food dives. Shopping bazaars. Places to relax.

What sets M Residences apart from other homes or luxury condos closer to the city?

Condos and city houses can be expensive, “set in stone,” and without much room for renovation. M Residences differs here — the homes are near the city but not in the city, offering access to the urban sprawl yet enough distance to gently disconnect and relax with family.

How do you describe the aesthetic style of M Residences?

Solid, rectangular walls. Spacious, cantilevered balconies with glowing, recessed lights. Desert-sand wood panels subtly contrasting the Mediterranean white walls. Strategically-placed large windows, allowing natural light deep into the home.

What are M Residences’ amenities?

Depending on the location, some have a clubhouse, pool, and many more amenities to enjoy — check with your agent or explore on our website.

What are the unit features?

Our homes come with a number of features, including high-ceilings, large windows, energy-saving lighting, fire-retardant materials, and open layouts.

Will you provide interior design and remodeling consultation?

Yes. We’ll meet with you to discuss what can be done to customize the floor plan. Then, our Interior Design Team will re-layout the unit accordingly — all design recommendations for your consideration.

Up to how many floors can I build?

Typically, up to 3 to 5 floors depending on the location.

What is the vertical clearance inside an M Residences house?


Do the homes come with a garage?

We offer an outdoor parking lot with a minimum of 2 carports and up to a maximum of 4 carports depending on customization.

Can I combine lots?

Yes. You can purchase and combine more than one lot and build a house, pool, garden, and more on the premises.

Can I choose to build a fully-customizable “dream home” that is not necessarily the same as your current house plans?

Yes. We can work with you to develop plans for your ultimate dream home. It must meet our established aesthetic standards, but you will have generous leeway to create a more dynamic layout that suits your particular taste and needs.

Who is the developer behind M Residences?

VCDC — a real estate development firm founded by Victor Consunji, specializing in single-family homes and low-density, private, and gated neighborhoods.

Its mission? To provide thoughtfully-designed contemporary homes made for today and ready for the future.

Who is behind the architectural design?

Archion Architects.

Who is the structural engineer?

Gruppo Struktura, Inc.

How soon can I move in?

M Residences at Mahogany Place 3 (Taguig) has 4 Phases. The expected turnover — One to Two years for Phase 1 and Phase 2. Three to Four years for Phase 3 and Phase 4.

We're waiting for you.

Build your dreams here at M Residences.